I've had a life long love for VW's. There's something reassuring about owning a VW, or two... 

I've had a few over the years but my two current loves are a Mk7 Golf and a T5. The T5 is the first 'older' vehicle I've owned in recent years, having had company cars for the last 15 years or so. Owning an older VW has renewed my love of all things styling. With the T5 being a fully converted camper I've also become obsessed with finding cool storage ideas and compact items that make trips away in the van that little bit easier. 

I've found there are loads of cool items out there but judging by comments on the various forums I'm a member of, people can never find them again when they want to buy them! I've also done a fair bit of research and found some great stuff (and some rubbish!) so I wanted to bring it all together as I find it, to share with other VW fans. 

Longer term I'm hoping to create a 'Makers' section on the website for all those talented people that have an idea for their VW and then simply design it and make it. There are so many people on facebook and the like offering their products without the medium of a website to sell through. I hope to help them bring their products to you all. If you're one of those creative people please get in touch so I can help you promote your items.

Ultimately, I love VW's and I hope you love the items I've sourced. If there is something you are looking for please feel free to get in touch in case I can help.

Luckily this isn't my full time job so I have the luxury of being able to keep my prices low too. Of course I need to make a profit to make it viable but I hope you'll agree that the prices are reasonable and the products are great. I'm open to change so get in touch if you have any comments or feedback for me.

Happy Dubbing!