One of the reasons we set up this website was to bring together some of the fantastic products designed for VW lovers. There are some brilliant businesses out there that design and make items that any VW fan would love. We want to help bring together buyers and sellers so we've created this space to share with you some of those incredible companies we've found and loved. Whilst we would love to stock their VW goodies ourselves, we recognise that some of the products have multiple options and you are best served contacting those companies directly. 
So here it is, our 'Friends Of DubStyling' section. Whilst we can't be responsible for any purchases between you and these companies, we have specifically chosen to only work with companies that have built themselves a good reputation for quality items and great customer service. There are also some other useful links we think you'll appreciate.
If you have any other suggestions, get in touch! 
 The VDub Seatshelf
Undoubtedly, one of the best and most popular cab upgrades out there. Whether you have a Transporter T5 or T6, a single passenger seat or a bench seat, there is a solution here for you. All items are made to order and there are literally hundreds of combinations, so head over to their website by clicking their logo above. Tell them DubStyling said hi..! 
Yorkshire Pop Top Adventures
The YPTA YouTube channel follows a 'VW family' travelling the UK in Jeff, their beautiful T6 Campervan, giving you an insight into a whole range of activities. From festivals to hiking, this friendly and likeable family give you a real world look at life in a VW campervan, including van upgrades, merchandise and a good look at the various camping spots they choose on their travels. Head over to their channel by clicking their logo and enjoy!

Wheels Up North Community

Born out of a passion for anything with an engine, Wheels Up North is a place where enthusiasts and their families can come and enjoy a turely relaxed atmosphere whilst speaking with others and making some new friends.

We aim to put on regular events/meets throughout the year and want to bring together a variety of vehicles. From supercars to classics and everything between.

Our events aren't just about the vehicles though, the people make it what it is, therefore we aim to serve you some of the best street food and drinks to help you enjoy yourself along with some interesting partners and traders to speak to.

The main goal is to create an amazing, friendly community of people that love to bring their vehicles to us and share their passion for wheels.

We can't wait to see you, your family and your vehicles at Wheels Up North 🚗